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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain describes pain that has lasted past the usual time frame for recovery. Chronic pain may be associated with illness, disease, injury, or post-MVA. It may be felt as headaches, joint pain or muscle pain, and can be either constant or intermittent. There may be no known cause to a person’s chronic pain. Chronic pain often affects their ability to work, socialize, participate in recreational activities, or perform daily household tasks.

Physiotherapy can help chronic pain through a variety of techniques such as acupuncture, manual therapy, modalities, and exercise. The most important area is the education component to physiotherapy. A physiotherapist can help you to understand pain, how you can take control of your pain, coping mechanisms, improve sleeping patterns, and modify your work habits. In the treatment of chronic pain, you work closely with the physiotherapist to design the appropriate treatment plan to most effectively restore your function and quality of life.

At Orleans Centre for Physiotherapy Auricular Therapy has proven to be an effective way of treating chronic pain. This form of treatment involves applying acupuncture needles to the ear. For people adverse to needles these points can also be stimulated with light laser with excellent results as well.

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