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Shockwave Therapy in Orleans, ON

Shockwave Therapy in Orleans & Ottawa, Ontario

Shockwave therapy sounds just as astonishing as it is! No, it’s not painful, and it’s not the horrible electroshock therapy you’ve seen in old movies. If you are in Orleans, ON and have a soft tissue injury, shockwave therapy may be right for you. 

The technology evolved when doctors discovered ultrasound was a non-invasive way to break down kidney and gallstones. Now, shockwave therapy is used extensively to trigger your body’s natural healing responses for faster, more complete healing. Many patients combine other physical therapy treatments with shockwave, especially for chronic conditions.

Many patients in Orleans report reduced pain and increased mobility after just one treatment!

It all started with gallstones and kidney stones. Doctors discovered they could break down these painful stones using focused sound waves. Soon, researchers devised a way to use the same technology as a non-invasive way to heal injuries. Shockwave therapy is now considered a reliable tool for chronic pain and long-standing injuries. By triggering the body’s own natural healing response, most patients find they have less pain and more mobility – some even after the first treatment!

91% improvement for Calcific Tendonitis - Journal of American Medical Association, 2003

90% success rate for Plantar Fasciitis - Foot & Ankle International, 2012

77% improvement for Tennis Elbow - The Journal of Orthopaedics, 2005

76% success rate for Achilles Tendinopathy - The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2007

8 times more effective for HamstringTendinopathy than regular Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment - The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2010

What is Shockwave Therapy? 

Shockwave is an innovative, non-invasive treatment involving high frequency, short duration, bursts of high-energy pulses that are transmitted into injured tissues. These high intensity pulses aggravate the injured tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, etc.) at a cellular level, which stimulates a healing response. This force imparted by the shockwave has been shown to be extremely effective in the breakdown of calcium deposits and scar tissue. Decomposition of these can lead to drastically increased function and mobility, and provides an almost immediate relief from pain.

Shockwave therapy uses an applicator to direct radial “shockwaves” onto the part of your body where you have pain. Once your physiotherapist determines the root of your complaint and that shockwave is the correct treatment, gel is applied to the area where you have pain. Then your physiotherapist at Orleans Physiotherapy puts the Shockwave handpiece against your skin. 

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Shockwave Therapy on Patient in Orleans, Ontario

The Shockwave handpiece contains a quickly moving projectile that transmits energy to the applicator, which generates the radial shockwaves. These shockwaves spread and are absorbed by your body. Your physiotherapist knows how to adjust the pressure and frequency of the waves for maximum results. 

These shockwaves reduce your pain through both the creation of substance P (a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator) and by hyper-stimulating pain sensors. Your body finally regenerates the injured tissues with improved blood flow.

Your physiotherapist will recommend Shockwave combined with manual therapy or other techniques during your treatment. And you may receive exercises to do at home to accelerate your healing even further. 

What to Expect During Shockwave Therapy

Depending on the sensitivity of the injury, some discomfort may result during treatment. If pain is experienced, your physiotherapist can adjust the intensity of the therapy, to promote analgesia at the start of your treatment. 

Many clients experience a decrease or complete absence of pain immediately after treatment. Bruising, swelling, and on rare occasions, skin breakdown may occur. There may be some soreness 1-2 hours afterwards due to an inflammatory response of the body to the shockwave. This is normal and is your body’s way of healing itself and regenerating the targeted tissue.

​Long-term pain relief and tissue healing can be expected after only a short number of treatments, and in many cases long-standing, chronic conditions are drastically improved.

What Conditions Does Shockwave Help?

Shockwave therapy works for a range of long-standing conditions that roughly divide into these categories:

Connective Tissue 

Shockwave therapy helps Plantar fasciitis, scar tissue, and trigger finger.

Shockwave Therapy in Orleans, Ontario for Tendon Problems

The most common tendon problems that respond to shockwave therapy are Achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow, patellar tendons, and supraspinatus.

Treatment for Neurological Issues 

Shockwave therapy helps as a muscle treatment for spasticity in adults and children.

How Shockwave Therapy in Ottawa, Ontario Can Help Your Bones 

Shin splints are the most common bone pain, followed closely by hip bursitis pain.

Healing Muscles 

Patients find relief with treatment for trigger points, muscle pain and stiffness.

Conditions Treated by Shockwave Therapy

  • Stress Fractures
  • Tendonitis/tendinopathy
  • Muscle shortening/tightness
  • Trigger points
  • Trigger finger
  • Calcific tendinosis
  • Muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains
  • Scar Tissue
  • Heterotopic Ossification (Myositis Ossificans)
  • Plantar fasciitis with or without heel spurs
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Hallux rigidus
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin Splints
  • and many more!

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy for Patients in Ottawa and Orleans, Ontario

Shockwave therapy targets long-term, chronic pain from conditions that have lasted more than three months. In fact, this therapy is ideal for patients who suffer from chronic complaints that have lasted several years. Many patients seek an effective and realistic alternative to taking painkilling medications or (major) surgery. Shockwave therapy is much less invasive, less likely to stress other body systems, and focuses more on your body’s ability to ignite self-healing qualities. The benefits of shockwave therapy include:

  • Often immediate pain relief with some recovery often seen after only a few days
  • Effective, realistic alternative to surgery and prescription painkillers  
  • Treats the root cause, not just symptoms, which reduces the likelihood of recurrence 
  • Extremely high success rates
  • Most patients require only 3 to 6 treatment sessions on average 
  • Short treatment times of only 8 to 10 minutes per session  
  • Minimal chance of side-effects (which would be of a minor nature) – only a slight risk of redness or swelling at the injured site 
  • Scientifically proven for many long-term complaints 

We see patients who felt they were destined to live with the pain and negative lifestyle impact forever. Many try shockwave therapy as a “last hope” before they accept the idea of surgery after years of suffering. Even after treating hundreds of patients, we are thrilled every time with the results they report!

The Initial Assessment Process for Shockwave Therapy at Orleans Physiotherapy 

The first step is always a thorough assessment, as with any physiotherapy treatment. Many patients looking at shockwave therapy as an option are new to Orleans Physiotherapy. Others are current patients with a recommendation from their physiotherapist to use shockwave as an adjunct in addition to other treatments. Either way, the first step is for your physiotherapist to assess your condition and determine if this is the correct treatment for you right now. 

Shockwave assessments are often conducted for patients with conditions lasting three months or more that result in:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tendinitis 
  • Hip pain

What to Expect During Your Treatment at Orleans Physiotherapy in Orleans, Ontario

If your injured area is already sensitive to the touch, you may experience some discomfort during the treatment. But if you find the pain uncomfortable, your physiotherapist will adjust the intensity at the start of your treatment to promote analgesia and make it less likely you’ll feel pain. There is also the option for a special applicator used before the treatment that gently releases your muscles and afterward helps remove waste chemicals from your muscles. These short, additional steps help reduce your pain during and after your treatment sessions.

Many clients find their pain reduced or completely eliminated right after the treatments. While others find minor bruising, swelling, and skin breakdown may occur on rare occasions. Some soreness may return 1 to 2 hours after the shockwave treatment because of the body’s natural inflammatory response. This response is normal, expected, and means your body is healing. In fact, this is your body’s way of healing itself and regenerating the targeted injured tissue.

You can usually expect long-term pain relief and tissue healing after only a few treatments. And in most cases, long-standing, chronic conditions find drastic improvement.

Do Not Use Shockwave Therapy If...

Contraindications include:

  • Blood-thinning medications such as Coumadin or Heparin
  • Cancer in or around the treatment area
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Cortisone injection in the past month on injured site

Book a Shockwave Therapy Appointment at Orleans Physiotherapy in Orleans, Ontario

Shockwave Therapy at Orleans Physio in Orleans & Ottawa can improve your daily life. We offer flexible hours – early morning or late evening and even Saturday appointments. Call Orleans Physiotherapy today to discover how Shockwave Therapy can help your chronic pain. 

Should I Get Shockwave Therapy in Orleans?

Shockwave therapy is a state-of-the-art technique approved by the FDA. For most patients, there are no side effects or risks. When traditional treatments have failed, shockwave may get you back to doing what you love without downtime from sports or time away from work.

If you have tendinopathy or any soft tissue injury that doesn’t respond to other treatments, shockwave therapy might be worth a try.

Contact us at ORLEANS PHYSIOTHERAPY for an assessment to determine if shockwave therapy is right for you. 

Shockwave Therapy FAQs

What is shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment that stimulates natural healing processes for soft tissue injuries. It relieves pain and promotes the healing of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues.

How Much Does Shockwave Therapy Cost?

Your physical therapist at Orleans Physiotherapy will complete an assessment to determine how many shockwave therapy sessions are best for you. Most sessions cost about the same as a normal physical therapy appointment, and most patients see permanent results after just 3 sessions at 15 minutes each. 

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Shockwave therapy stimulates the body’s healing metabolism and enhances blood circulation that regenerates damaged tissues. Strong energy pulses create micro-bubbles that expand and burst. The force from the bubbles penetrates the damaged tissues, stimulating healing. 

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